GREEN CLEAN®  offers first-class cleaning products that achieve superior results and are unrivaled in their effectiveness.

GREEN CLEAN® products have a range of highly Concentrated cleaning products that are universal in their approach. With over 30 years of know-how, especially in the industrial sector. GREEN CLEAN® CONCENTRATE stands strong in the market today.

Our ethos is to offer sustainable cleaning products that are Eco and Environmentally conscious. GREEN CLEAN®  Concentrate is a Multipurpose Cleaner that has been in the industry for over three decades. It offers a High Dilution rate which provides an Economical Solution without compromising on Quality.

This product line of GREEN CLEAN® Concentrate extends to Green Clean Marine, Hi-Q and Alles Klar Glass Cleaner.

GREEN CLEAN® Products are manufactured in Switzerland and service Switzerland, Germany and France.

We are expanding on our reach and welcome Distribution or Agent inquiries across the globe.

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