Alles Klar Glass Cleaner

Alles Klar is a ready-to-use window, glass and acrylic glass cleaner, also for heavily soiled glass. Alles Klar is the right solution for quick and streak-free drying. Based on ethanol.

Green Clean Marine 1L Bottles

Green Clean Marine (GCM) can be used effectively in the kitchen for streak-free cleaning of stainless steel, ovens and grease, range hoods and as an all-in-one galley cleaner. Green Clean Marine is certified food safe in accordance with health and safety regulations. certified

Green Clean Marine

Green Clean Marine

Green Clean Marine (GCM) is a highly concentrated multi-purpose cleaner that is symbol-free according to the GHS system. Green Clean Marine (GCM) can be diluted with both fresh and salt water.

GCM removes stubborn dirt such as grease, oil, green growth and algae in the shortest possible time.

Due to its material compatibility, GCM offers a high-quality product that is extremely versatile in many areas of application.

GCM is highly effective on wooden teak decks, vinyl seat covers, gelcoat, aluminum and fiberglass hulls, boat fenders and plexiglass.

GCM can be used effectively in the kitchen for streak-free cleaning of stainless steel, ovens and grease, range hoods and as an all-in-one galley cleaner. Green Clean Marine is certified food safe in accordance with health and safety regulations.

GCM can be used in the bathroom for ceramic sinks, counters, mirrors, glass and furniture.

An impressive multipurpose cleaner of high quality combined with an ecological element that respects the environment.

A quality all-round boat cleaner that saves you time so you can spend more of it on the water!


HI-Q is a highly active, penetrating, concentrated, water-dilutable floor and engine cleaner. For the use of scrubbing/suction machines as well as manual and high-pressure cleaning machines, based on biodegradable and synthetic, surface-active components and detergents. HI-Q has been specially developed for the intensive cleaning of floors, engines, tools, tanks, wash bays, laboratory equipment, road tunnels, traffic signs, etc. Hi-Q is an extremely economical, deep-foaming and very effective floor and engine cleaner. With its ecological character, HI-Q has minimal environmental impact.

The Problem

• Floors get dirty all the time.

• Dirt residues are entered or smeared.

• Conventional cleaners are extremely aggressive towards the materials and stop working

   constant threat to the environment.

• Ink residue is very difficult to remove.

• Mopping floors and then waxing them again takes a lot of time and money.

• Oils and fats cause dangerous situations.

The solution

HI-Q is a very powerful floor and engine cleaner that solves the above problems very precisely. This leads to a clean and pleasant working environment. HI-Q is the revolutionary, multifunctional solution for daily floor and engine cleaning.

Areas of application

• cleaning floors with scrubbing/suction machines

• manual cleaning of floors.

• Cleaning engines and floors soiled with mineral oils and fats.

• cleaning floors soiled by animal and vegetable oils and fats.

• cleaning road tunnels and traffic signs

• cleaning washing halls, tanks and tools

• cleaning aluminum and steel rims

• removing tire marks from floors

HI-Q Concentrate contains:

<5-15% non-ionic surfactants (vegetable and synthetic),

5% anionic surfactants (synthetic), <1% complexing agent (vegetable),

<1% ethanol vegetable, coloring (synthetic)


HI-Q must be diluted with cold water! When using warm water, some of the active components can evaporate. As a result, the effect decreases. The product could then fade shiny aluminium. If in doubt, test first.


HI-Q is used in scrubbing machines. Check the machine documentation.

HI-Q can also be used manually. The dosage depends on the degree of soiling, from 1:10 to 1:50 Extreme soiling is best first moistened with HI-Q concentrate. Short

Leave to take effect and then treat with the scrubber suction machine.

Apply HI-Q for engine cleaning to a cool engine using a spray system. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off with high pressure.


HI-Q is biodegradable.

HI-Q can be diluted with water

HI-Q is a super concentrate and therefore economical to use

HI-Q is non-corrosive, so it is safe to use. HI-Q is deep-foaming and there is no risk of slipping.

HI-Q leaves no streaks

HI-Q is multifunctional and can be used on all types of hard floors, engines and workshop equipment.

Green Clean® Concentrate

GREEN CLEAN® CONCENTRATE attaches great importance to the cleaning and cleanliness of your
home and your car. We offer you first-class cleaning products that achieve superior results and are
unrivaled in their effectiveness.

Originally introduced as a purely industrial product, we now offer our customers a versatile cleaner
for multiple uses. With over 30 years of know-how, especially in the industrial sector. GREEN
stands strong in the market today.

GREEN CLEAN® CONCENTRATE outperforms them all. With various concentrations, this Universal
Multipurpose Cleaner can be used for many purposes.

GREEN CLEAN® CONCENTRATE is the most fastest and most convenient solution for almost all
cleaning problems. It saves time and money.

Why buy 50 different products for 50 different purposes when GREEN CLEAN® CONCENTRATE can
do it all?
GREEN CLEAN® CONCENTRATE is a concentrate and must be diluted with water.You can also use sea water. It is best applied as a solution using a spray bottle.
The product should not be used in a concentration greater than 1:5. Check color fastness when using
GREEN CLEAN® CONCENTRATE on fabrics.Not suitable for suede. Do not use undiluted on glass,
painted surfaces and upholstered furniture.
Don’t ingest.
General cleaning
GREEN CLEAN® CONCENTRATE can be used as a general multi-purpose cleaner with a dilution ratio
of 1:30. This means 1 part concentrate to 30 parts water.
Spray surfaces such as tabletops, furniture, walls, upholstery, tools, etc. Wipe clean
with a clean, dry cloth. Cleaning by immersion
GREEN CLEAN® CONCENTRATE can be used for immersion to remove carbon deposits
from piston crowns, epoxy glue, surface rust or heavy grease deposits.
Examples of this are engines, spare parts, metal parts, machine elements and much more.
For immersion, dilute GREEN CLEAN® CONCENTRATE 1:5.
2- Leave on for about 2 hours.
3- Remove clean item from solution; if necessary, rinse with water to remove the light film of oil. 4-
The dirty solution can be filtered and reused.
Engine Wash
1- Dilute GREEN CLEAN® CONCENTRATE in a ratio of 1:5 to 1:10 with water. 2- Spray on the cold
Leave on for 3-5 minutes.
4- Rinse with high-pressure system.
High Pressure Cleaning
With pressure up to 100 psi, fill tank with GREEN CLEAN® CONCENTRATE at a ratio of 1:50.
200psi = 1:60,
300psi = 1:70
400psi = 1:80
etc. up to the maximum dilution of 1:140
Cleaning Ovens
1- For heavily soiled ovens, dilute GREEN CLEAN® CONCENTRATE 1:10, otherwise use 1:30.
2- Heat up the oven
3- Apply solution4- Let something sink in
5- Scrub and rinse.
Cleaning of linoleum floors
1- Dilute GREEN CLEAN® CONCENTRATE with hot water 1:30.
2- It is best to apply with a floor scrubber and let it work for 3 to 5 minutes.
3- Wipe up, don’t rinse.
4- For thick layers of wax, dilute 1:10 and leave on for 5 minutes.
Cleaning of PVC surfaces
2- It is best to rub with a brush.
3- Rinse with clean water.
Cleaning aluminum rims
2- Spray on the entire surface.
3- Rub with brush.
4- Wipe (do not clean rims in direct sunlight).
Shampoo carpet
1- Vacuuming.
2- For stains, apply GREEN CLEAN® CONCENTRATE 1:50 in dots (1:10 for stubborn stains).
3- Pour the solution into the machine’s tank (max.1:50).
4- Shampoo entire carpet; If necessary, remove excess liquid with cloths or suction cups.
Carpet cleaning without a machine
1- Vacuuming.
3- Apply with a soft brush or sponge and scrub (if necessary rub with a dry cloth on soiled areas).
4- Suction.
Floor cleaning with machine
GREEN CLEAN® CONCENTRATE is very suitable for ground machines.
Fill the tank with a 1:25 to 1:40 diluted solution. The result is amazing.
Window glass cleaning
Spray GREEN CLEAN® CONCENTRATE diluted 1:100 on windows and clean windows with it.
Removing fog from glass and mirrors
1- Apply GREEN CLEAN® CONCENTRATE in a 1:10 dilution using a spray bottle.
2- Wipe the glass completely with a clean and dry cloth. (e.g. windscreens, eyeglass lenses,
bathroom mirrors, diving masks, ski goggles, window displays, air conditioning, etc.)
Remove insects from windshield
1- Apply GREEN CLEAN® CONCENTRATE in a 1:10 dilution using a spray bottle.
2- Leave on for about 1 minute.
3- Rub and rinse.
GREEN CLEAN® CONCENTRATE removes the white shadows left by car polish on black plastic items.
1- Apply the 1:10 diluted solution
2- Let something sink in.
3- Rub with brush.
4- wipe.