Green Clean Marine

Quantity Litre Price Free Spray Bottle
6L 26.60 1
10L 26.60 2
25L 23.40 2
75L 15.60 3
200L 12.30 5
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Green Clean Marine

Green Clean Marine (GCM) is a highly concentrated multi-purpose cleaner that is symbol-free according to the GHS system. Green Clean Marine (GCM) can be diluted with both fresh and salt water.

GCM removes stubborn dirt such as grease, oil, green growth and algae in the shortest possible time.

Due to its material compatibility, GCM offers a high-quality product that is extremely versatile in many areas of application.

GCM is highly effective on wooden teak decks, vinyl seat covers, gelcoat, aluminum and fiberglass hulls, boat fenders and plexiglass.

GCM can be used effectively in the kitchen for streak-free cleaning of stainless steel, ovens and grease, range hoods and as an all-in-one galley cleaner. Green Clean Marine is certified food safe in accordance with health and safety regulations.

GCM can be used in the bathroom for ceramic sinks, counters, mirrors, glass and furniture.

An impressive multipurpose cleaner of high quality combined with an ecological element that respects the environment.

A quality all-round boat cleaner that saves you time so you can spend more of it on the water!