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HI-Q is a highly active, penetrating, concentrated, water-dilutable floor and engine cleaner. For the use of scrubbing/suction machines as well as manual and high-pressure cleaning machines, based on biodegradable and synthetic, surface-active components and detergents. HI-Q has been specially developed for the intensive cleaning of floors, engines, tools, tanks, wash bays, laboratory equipment, road tunnels, traffic signs, etc. Hi-Q is an extremely economical, deep-foaming and very effective floor and engine cleaner. With its ecological character, HI-Q has minimal environmental impact.

The Problem

• Floors get dirty all the time.

• Dirt residues are entered or smeared.

• Conventional cleaners are extremely aggressive towards the materials and stop working

   constant threat to the environment.

• Ink residue is very difficult to remove.

• Mopping floors and then waxing them again takes a lot of time and money.

• Oils and fats cause dangerous situations.

The solution

HI-Q is a very powerful floor and engine cleaner that solves the above problems very precisely. This leads to a clean and pleasant working environment. HI-Q is the revolutionary, multifunctional solution for daily floor and engine cleaning.

Areas of application

• cleaning floors with scrubbing/suction machines

• manual cleaning of floors.

• Cleaning engines and floors soiled with mineral oils and fats.

• cleaning floors soiled by animal and vegetable oils and fats.

• cleaning road tunnels and traffic signs

• cleaning washing halls, tanks and tools

• cleaning aluminum and steel rims

• removing tire marks from floors

HI-Q Concentrate contains:

<5-15% non-ionic surfactants (vegetable and synthetic),

5% anionic surfactants (synthetic), <1% complexing agent (vegetable),

<1% ethanol vegetable, coloring (synthetic)


HI-Q must be diluted with cold water! When using warm water, some of the active components can evaporate. As a result, the effect decreases. The product could then fade shiny aluminium. If in doubt, test first.


HI-Q is used in scrubbing machines. Check the machine documentation.

HI-Q can also be used manually. The dosage depends on the degree of soiling, from 1:10 to 1:50 Extreme soiling is best first moistened with HI-Q concentrate. Short

Leave to take effect and then treat with the scrubber suction machine.

Apply HI-Q for engine cleaning to a cool engine using a spray system. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off with high pressure.


HI-Q is biodegradable.

HI-Q can be diluted with water

HI-Q is a super concentrate and therefore economical to use

HI-Q is non-corrosive, so it is safe to use. HI-Q is deep-foaming and there is no risk of slipping.

HI-Q leaves no streaks

HI-Q is multifunctional and can be used on all types of hard floors, engines and workshop equipment.